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Henry Sandkuhle is an international horse therapist who has worked with more than 1000 horses. Because he drives to almost every horse individually, there are probably only few people who have got to know as many horses in their environment as intensely as Henry.

He trained horses in jumping and dressage up to high classes and was a judge at dressage competitions.

Through his training as a yoga teacher in India, the desire arose to turn to the horses in a different way.

In order to understand the nature of the horses even better, he accompanied wild living horses in the Urals.


 Henry Sandkuhle meets the horses at eye level. In a playful way, he quickly develops an atmosphere where he invites the horses to relax near him. He emanates a unique calm, security and confidence

He reduces physical movements to a minimum. The transmission of energetic information is understood by the horse without exception. This knowledge is the basis of his doing.

His vision is the unity between animals and humans at the finest level. He creates various energetic, vibrating atmospheres for communication with the horse.

He rides his own horses completely free.


During his work with horses, Henry has found that the safety he conveys, gives the horse the opportunity to overlearn traumatic experiences in a very short time. This happens in a neutral space, so to speak, in which the horse moves freely as far as possible. This gives the horse the opportunity to look at the event from a foal/young horse's perspective, and relive it as a new non-traumatic event. The horse indicates, especially through yawning, that the tension originally acquired through the trauma dissolves.

He recognizes connections that remain hidden to most because he looks at the horse as a whole. Every little detail is meaningful, be it in the course of movement, in breathing or anywhere else.

Symptoms such as panic, aggression, apathy, biting, decreased forward drive, etc., he usually overlearns in a few days, giving the horse such security that it takes only very short time to build trust.

He creates a carefree, light atmosphere in which the horses can open up and let their true personality come to the surface.

He has an extraordinary ability to explain himself and can put the connections logically and clearly into words. The conclusions are understandable for everyone.


Henry has intensely gotten to know many different horses from all disciplines. He has been confronted with numerous issues in regard to horse behaviour.



Henry wants to sensitize people, with horses, on horses, in horse care, in order to brighten up horses lives.


Henry visits you and your horse to give you an overall evaluation of your horse, be it to get to the bottom of a problem or to optimize the circumstances.

In the study, all areas are considered and looked into: behavior, physical appearance, movements, hoof stand, teeth, bridle, saddle, daily procedures on the ground and on the horse, living conditions. Subsequently the current situation is discussed and improvement recommendations are made

There is also the possibility of a case study via video


Example of a clinic schedule:

• Objective: goals of the participants

• Character, movement and behavior of your own horse

• Special attention to problems while riding or on the ground

• Completion with recommendations for each individual participant

Upon request, discussion of follow-up clinics for further development


Henry comes to visit you at certain intervals to accompany you in your development after a first case study.

This can be in competition as well as in the leisure area.

Henry Sandkuhle accompanies the ambitious competition rider as well as the leisure rider in innovative ways. His high level of sensitivity and inner calmness enable him to work with extremely difficult horses.

In addition there are phone calls and video support to complement in between visits


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Often, the information provided by the seller does not correspond to the facts and consequently there are problems in handling or while riding.

If you want to buy a horse but are not sure whether you would make the right choice, Henry will be able to help you.

He gives you information about the build of the horse, as well as the character and emotional state.


Henry works with people and horses at home and abroad. The coaching can be offered in the following languages:

• German

• Spanish

• Dutch

• English

• French

• Lithuanian

• Russian (limited)


• Switch to bitless riding

• Riding without tools; the switch to riding only via thought

• Starting a young horse

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You will find a lot of offers for ground work and riding presented in fancy words , be it in Latin, French and others. 

The most important, however, is, if your horse is moving smoothly in a l l parts of the body during the exercise.

• Your horse should have a satisfied expression afterwards.

• Get to know the facial expression of your horse, a curious and alert horse with a shine in the eyes is usually a healthy horse.

• If you have stress, find a way to reduce it before going to your horse.

• When we have a disgruntled horse, the cause always lies with us. Either within the environment, stabling or training and handling of the horse.

• A healthy horse makes a smooth, supple impression when moving, a wave runs through the whole horse at walk. If this is not the case, we have to find the cause.

• Our horse should be touchable everywhere, there should not be any scars that are too dry, too wet, too cold, or too hardened.

• Our horse should have a pleasant smell; bad smell indicates illness or stress

• Only let someone work with your horse (blacksmith, rider) if you are sure that your horse will be treated the way you want. Intervene if a so-called professional thinks he has to roughly reprimand your horse

• Find out about the possibility of letting your horse run barefoot, it is significantly healthier and better for the hoof mechanics, as well as for keeping your horse healthy, since it affects the whole organism

VAlways ensure a break away option when tying your horse.

• If we give treats, we distort the relationship with our horse

Listen to your gut feeling, you will almost always be right with it.


If one or more of the points apply to your horse, Henry gives free advice on Fridays from 7pm to 8pm. Outside of Germany only available per Whatsapp

Please send an e-mail with the following information:

• Name and phone number

• Age of the horse

• How long has the horse been with you?

• Breed / Gender

• Topic of conversation

Henry will then get in touch with you.


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